Increase your Plastic IQ and take steps to decrease your environmental impact.

What’s your Plastic IQ?

Plastic IQ is a free, data-driven digital tool to help U.S. companies end plastic waste. Any company making or selling plastic can be part of the movement to advance a circular economy to improve their plastic packaging strategy and reduce plastic in the environment. From reuse, to redesign and recycling, Plastic IQ is designed to help companies take action.

Advance your sustainability goals with customized action plans

The tool takes users through a series of steps to use less plastic, redesign for reuse and recycling, and be part of a circular economy. Plastic IQ allows companies to analyze a full range of solutions to calculate how their company’s plastic packaging strategy affects their plastic and carbon impact. The tool leverages industry guidance and data to help users turn their plastic packaging strategy into measurable actions to help tackle the plastic waste crisis.

Get to know your Plastic IQ and take action to support the transition to a circular economy for plastic packaging in the U.S.


Upload baseline data to assess your current packaging portfolio


Model solutions and build a customized, actionable strategy to achieve your packaging goals by 2030


Score the effectiveness and circularity of your packaging strategy against industry best practices and different brands in your portfolio


Develop and submit actionable targets and receive recognition

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