Plastic IQ helps bring a
circular economy to plastic packaging in the U.S.

Plastic IQ helps bring a circular economy to plastic packaging in the U.S.

Our goal is to prevent plastic waste by improving the plastic packaging circularity journey.

Co-developed by The Recycling Partnership and SYSTEMIQ, with support from Walmart, Plastic IQ is a free, groundbreaking open access tool helping U.S. companies make more informed decisions about their plastic packaging strategy to increase circularity and address plastic waste. Inspired by The Recycling Partnership’s Pathway to Circularity and SYSTEMIQ’s “Breaking the Plastic Wave,” Plastic IQ makes state-of-the-art data, thinking, and expert research accessible at the click of a button.

There are readily available packaging solutions that companies can deploy today to improve our waste system.

Plastic IQ helps companies understand the environmental and economic implications of their plastic packaging choices in a dynamic way, providing a new level of insight within this complex system to accelerate progress toward a circular economy by 2030 or sooner.

Learn how Plastic IQ can help your company reduce plastic waste, then access the tool and adopt Plastic IQ to:

  • Assess your current packaging portfolio, including environmental and economic impacts
  • Build a customized, actionable strategy to 2030 to achieve your packaging goals
  • Compare the effectiveness and circularity of your packaging strategy against industry best practices
  • Submit targets, be recognized, and engage in system-focused action

Industry Alignment

Plastic IQ was informed by leading industry organizations from the beginning to promote standardization for packaging design, recyclability, and data gathering. Paired with a robust solutions database of resources and guidance, Plastic IQ offers real-world actions users can take to strengthen their circularity goals. The Plastic IQ tool and Solutions Database will be regularly updated to reflect the rapidly evolving field.

Accountability and Transparency

Help catalyze the change by adopting Plastic IQ as your company’s tool of choice to analyze your data and calculate the circularity of your plastic packaging– from production and consumption through end of life. By setting and submitting ambitious plastics goals as part of your Plastic IQ journey, your company will receive recognition and can share achievements with your networks. Plastic IQ Catalysts are committed to action and promote systemic change by sharing this tool with their networks.

Plastic IQ Catalysts will receive:

  •  Recognition in Plastic IQ communications, which may include press, social media, and paid outreach
  •  Placement on this website and in promotional materials
  •  A special badge to demonstrate your leadership in your communications channels
  •  A customized toolkit with amplification opportunities

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