The time to act on
reducing plastic waste
is now.

No one company alone can drive the transformative change needed to address the growing plastic waste challenge. We need collaboration across companies including collective goals, approaches, and measurement. The entire value chain must engage to truly advance the circular economy for plastic packaging. Plastic IQ provides U.S. companies with the data needed to discover and deploy solutions-focused actions to maximize the positive impact of their plastic packaging strategy.

We’ve created easy-to-use videos to help guide you through the Plastic IQ tool.

Choose which version of Plastic IQ is best for you:

✓ No cost to use the Pro Version

✓ Registration and login allow saving of baseline data, strategies, and results.

✓ Compare strategies within your portfolio to make more informed decisions about focusing efforts and dollars.

✓ Evaluate your company’s progress year-over-year  to understand your how your plastic packaging strategy and targets are advancing.

✓ No cost to use the Lite Version

✓ Start over each time you access the tool with your baseline, action plan, and progress.

✓ Plastic IQ will not store any input or process data. All input data will be handled anonymously and is temporary during your session.

After completing use of the tool, you should download or print the results for future reference.

Once you close your browser, you will not be able to view or edit information.

No, thanks. I don’t want to save my work.
I’ll use the lite version.

Get to know your Plastic IQ and take action to support the transition to a circular economy for plastic packaging in the U.S.


Upload baseline data to assess your current packaging portfolio


Model solutions and build a customized, actionable strategy to achieve your packaging goals by 2030


Score the effectiveness and circularity of your packaging strategy against industry best practices and different brands in your portfolio


Develop and submit actionable targets and receive recognition

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