Plastic IQ Target Submission & Leaderboard FAQs

The first edition of the Plastic IQ Leaderboard was unveiled in November 2021 to showcase the commitments of user companies dedicated to enacting change, increasing industry transparency, and inspiring a ripple effect of action throughout their supply networks. We are inviting you, our partners in packaging circularity action across the US, to join these leading companies and demonstrate your leadership.

There is no target submission window. Your company may submit targets at any time and the board will be updated quarterly to welcome new leaders.

To qualify for public recognition on the Leaderboard, a company using the Pro version of Plastic IQ must reach the set thresholds within each of the four target categories.

• Gold Leader = medal gold in 3 of 4 target categories

• Silver Leader = medal silver or higher in 2 of the first 3 target categories

• Adopter = submit new strategy but there is no minimum threshold

1. Virgin plastic reduction

2. Recycled and bio-based content

3. Design to enhance recyclability

4. Collaborative action

See Section 11. Target-Setting and Medals Methodology in the Methodology Document for specific calculations.

No, however, you are highly encouraged to submit your company-level targets and medal level for recognition to help maintain industry transparency and encourage peer-to-peer action. Lite version users do not have the option to submit targets for public recognition.

If you choose to publish, your company name, overall medal, and target year will be shown on the Leaderboard. Pro user company names will also be shared with our Advisory Council, listed on the home page of You can choose which targets and medals are shown on the Leaderboard.

Once Pro users finish the tool and come to the results page, they have the option to “Join the Leaderboard.” This will send the chosen targets to, where the company’s name and submission (meeting specific thresholds to qualify for Adopter, Silver Leader, or Gold Leader) will be shown on the leaderboard.

Once your targets are submitted, your company will receive a badge of your overall medal that you can display in your social media channels and on your website.

Using the 2020 baseline data entered on Screens 1 and 2, strategy building takes place on Screens 3, 4, and 5 to address less packaging, better packaging, and a better system. Strategy setting is a main function of Plastic IQ, whereby a user determines how they want to meet their 2030 (or earlier) targets by adjusting variables within their control. These variables include reuse, minimization or elimination, packaging material, feedstock, enhanced recyclability design, and voluntary investments in initiatives or organizations to improve the overall system. Users can also model how their new strategy will perform under conditions that they cannot control on Screen 6, called External Scenarios. Variables that can be adjusted in scenarios include producer responsibility fees, effectiveness of policy, cost of PCR content, and material losses.

Submitting targets means that your company is committing to meet the percentages stated in the target section on Screen 6 by the chosen target year. The percentages for each of the four target categories were created during strategy building on Screens 3, 4, and 5. You will see that once you have chosen the targets and clicked “submit,” the strategy matching the targets you chose to submit will show up on the Home page of your Pro account with a lock icon. This means you cannot edit the strategy once it has been submitted.

Our team is evaluating tool updates for early 2022 that will allow companies with previously submitted targets to reassess their progress and consider an updated set of targets for the Leaderboard.

• Targets are set for a period of one (1) year from date of submission.

• Yes, your company can request to be removed from the Leaderboard via email sent to We kindly ask that your company then remove the badge from your website, social media, or other locations.

The leaderboard will be updated quarterly.

Target thresholds per category

Plastic IQ Target Submission Guidance for Walmart Suppliers Participating in Project Gigaton

The Project Gigaton reporting window begins on September 13th and closes on November 5th.

No, Plastic IQ is seeking to become interoperable with Project Gigaton’s packaging goals, but there are many other pillars and questions for suppliers within Project Gigaton. If you want to share your Packaging Targets from Plastic IQ with Project Gigaton, you voluntarily select “share with Project  Gigaton” and enter your vendor ID. The Plastic IQ team will then share the packaging targets that you set in Plastic IQ with Walmart at the end of Project Gigaton’s reporting season (after November 5th). There may be additional follow-up required if there are questions about the data, but we hope to improve this experience over time. You also may still need to report against other non-packaging, pillars within Project Gigaton and respond to the private brand packaging survey if that is applicable to you. 

Your Plastic IQ targets and percentages will be shared and are aligned with the packaging goals in Project Gigaton if you voluntarily opt in to share with Project Gigaton and provide your Walmart Vendor ID. The Plastic IQ team is working to have these automatically count as your packaging goals in Project Gigaton if you select the option to submit targets to Project Gigaton and provide your Walmart vendor ID. A Walmart supplier needs smart goals in at least three pillars of Project Gigaton to become a Giga Guru, setting goals through Plastic IQ would give you one of the required three pillars towards Giga Guru status.